Leinfelder Uhren München

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In the heart of Munich, Leinfelder Uhren München collaborates with charismatic visionaries from all walks of life to develop and launch unique watchmaking projects, each of them guided by a commitment to authenticity and innovation and shaped by one pervasive ideal: consummate craftsmanship and love for that most elusive and fascinating of subjects: time. These joint creative endeavors give birth to exclusive masterpieces in very limited editions—elegant timepieces for discerning individuals.


With its exclusive atmosphere, our showroom in the heart of Munich provides the ideal setting for your individual consultation session with our dedicated team. At Leinfelder Uhren München, the personal connection and bond goes far beyond buying a watch. 


Leinfelder Uhren München does not only make exceptional timepieces. 

After purchasing a watch, customers can avail themselves of a personalized customer service that leaves nothing to be desired. 

After all: your satisfaction is our top priority. 


Creativity, traditional craftsmanship, a passion for detail and a commitment to quality are reflected in the hand-wound caliber manufactured by Uhren-Werke-Dresden. The L-H01 movement embodies utmost precision, designed, crafted and assembled entirely in Germany.

Professional partnership: Uhren-Werke-Dresden


Trusted partner since day one: Leinfelder Uhren München was one of the first customers of Uhren-Werke-Dresden. Not far from the town of Glashütte, the cradle of the German watchmaking industry, this small manufacture produces almost every part needed for premium mechanical timepieces. Combining Saxon watchmaking expertise and state-of-the-art machinery to produce fine calibers, handmade watch parts and even entire timepieces, Uhren-Werke-Dresden is able to keep up with the growing global demand for watch parts and movements. Inside the Leinfelder Elysium collection as well as the PopArt and Benno models, the first hand-wound caliber L-H01 beats its steady pulse.