Anniversary Year 2020


2020 is a special year for the Munich-based watch manufacturer Leinfelder. Precisely ten years ago, Prof. Dr. Ulrich L. Rohde gathered a dedicated team to make a dream come true: he founded the independent Leinfelder Uhren München GmbH & Co. KG. 


His passion and enthusiasm for watches and precise timekeeping run in the family: in 1938, his father, co-founder of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, created the world's first portable quartz chronometer. 


Time has not stopped in the last 10 years. Today, an almost dozen-strong team manufactures premium limited-edition timepieces for discerning individuals including several custom creations. 


Join us while we take you on a journey through time, showcasing the defining collections produced by our workshop. 





The Meridian Antigua was inspired by Prof. Dr. Ulrich L. Rohde. A lover of precious watches and a sailor himself, Prof. Dr. Rohde saw his boat, the Dragon Fly Plus, and crew win the Antigua Sailing Week 2009.


His ambition to gift a specially made sailing watch to the winner of the following year's regatta was made possible with the help of Leinfelder Uhren München. This was the spark that initiated the launch of the company in 2010.






When designing the Leinfelder Meridian 2011, the team drew inspiration from the watch’s precursor, the Meridian Antigua 2010, but opted for a slightly reduced design language. The similarities are nevertheless unmistakable. The result was a casually elegant chronograph with a beautifully proportioned case, housing a sophisticated DD 2075 caliber. 


In August 2011, the Yachtclub Possenhofen, Germany, debuted as host for the 45er Nationale Kreuzer Deutschland-Cup. 15 yachts participated in this regatta, and after an exciting race the winner was presented with this premium timepiece. 





The Meridian Chronograph is imbued with a powerful, masculine, yet casual elegance. Based on the design of the Meridian Antigua 2010, it is crafted from steel. With its sweeping contours, the case is reminiscent of the column capitals of Antiquity. The curved push-pieces and their specially designed mechanics make for easy handling and protect the novel screw-down crown at the same time. 


Domed scratch-resistant sapphire glass completes the perfect picture that is the sunray-finished watch face. As the watch moves on the wearer's wrist, the reflected sunlight wanders in a circle around the dial. 





The first ladies’ collection by Leinfelder Uhren München. At Munichtime 2013, Leinfelder unveiled four models for female watch enthusiasts. The “Flowers of the Year” represent the passage of time, symbolized by four flowers, one for each season. 


Like the thread of life, a slender branch arcs through each of the four hand-painted watch faces in this collection, each piece crafted with the utmost skill and precision. The unequivocal highlight of this collection are the hand-painted watch faces made from ultrathin mother-of-pearl. Artistic instinct and years of experience are needed to create these fascinating works of art, rendering each watch truly unique. Thanks to the mother-of-peal texture, the dials’ shimmering hues change subtly in varying lighting conditions. 





Creativity, traditional craftsmanship, a passion for detail and a commitment to quality; these are the characteristics reflected in the hand-wound caliber manufactured by Uhren-Werke-Dresden. The L-H01 movement stands for utmost precision, designed, developed and manufactured in Germany—with 95% of the work done in-house. 





At the 2014 Baselworld watch and jewelry show, Leinfelder Uhren München presented two new models: the Leinfelder Elysium classic and the Leinfelder Elysium colored. The soul and center of these timepieces is the L-H01 movement, the first hand-wound caliber created by our sister company Uhren-Werke-Dresden. 95% of the manufacturing work for the movement itself and the watches as a whole is done in Germany, giving Leinfelder more claim than ever to the quality seal “Made in Germany”.


The Elysium classic by Leinfelder is the embodiment of classic chic. The L-H01 hand-wound caliber by Uhren-Werke-Dresden is cradled within a shapely gold case. This model is yet another striking example of Leinfelder's signature tapering design. 


Wearers of the Leinfelder Elysium’s colored version are sure to make a splash, with the colorful, iridescent dials drawing everyone’s attention. Several layers with varying finishes give the watch face a three-dimensional look. 





Unique in the truest sense of the word— custom watches by Leinfelder Uhren München. As with the minute repeater, customers could choose to bring in a movement themselves or have a favorite watch upgraded. This is Leinfelder at its best, creating one-of-a-kind watches for one-of-a-kind people. 





In 2016, one of the most beloved Leinfelder watches experienced a redesign: the Meridian chronograph. The design is casual yet powerful, accentuated with subtle highlights. 


At the heart of these models sits a thin mechanical chronograph movement enveloped by a shapely steel case. The long, curved push-pieces operating the stop-watch mechanism were specifically designed to complement this model. Easy to use, they double as protection for the screw-down crown. The special sunray finish on the dial is a signature feature of the Meridian chronograph family. 





Fabled creatures from the legends of mankind, dragons are today regarded as stalwart guardians and powerful companions. And since our imagination is often forced to take a backseat in real life, Leinfelder Uhren München has designed the Meridian Chrono Dragon to showcase this mythical symbol of good luck on the wearer’s wrist. 


The dial is graced with a particular style of dragon that the observant sailing fan will surely recognize. Just such a dragon is emblazoned on the Dragon Fly Plus, the speedy sailing boat owned by Prof. Dr. Ulrich L. Rohde. 





The Meridian Chrono Bavaria, unveiled at Munichtime in late 2017, is a special kind of watch to be sure. In January 2018, Bavaria launched into a year of festivities celebrating two significant anniversaries: the centennial of the proclamation of the Free State of Bavaria, and the bicentennial of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bavaria. For Leinfelder Uhren München, these two events were reason enough to create a very limited special edition of the successful Meridian chronograph. 


White and blue lozenges, the unmistakable symbol of Bavaria, form the key design element of this exclusive collection. The Meridian Chrono Bavaria is available with a variety of straps. 





Because the Bavarian capital has always held particular significance for Leinfelder Uhren München, the watch manufacture developed a very special model in 2018: the Leinfelder Benno. Its dial is adorned with Munich’s most recognizable landmark: the Frauenkirche cathedral. The iconic domes atop the two towers contain a total of ten bells, one of which was dedicated to Bavaria’s and Munich’s patron-saint Benno. With this very limited collection, Leinfelder Uhren München wishes to pay homage to this beloved Bavarian monument. Enshrined in its case lies the L-H01 mechanical movement by Uhren-Werke-Dresden. 





Another successful collection, the Elysium colored was completely redesigned and relaunched in a contemporary steel version. 


The dial is available in either burgundy or slate. The beautiful case made from high-grade steel protects the heart of the Leinfelder Elysium Steel: the L-H01 hand-wound caliber fashioned in German silver by Uhren-Werke-Dresden. 





Vibrant wearable art! With the “PopArt”, Leinfelder Uhren München presents a very special watch collection. Designed for collectors and art lovers and produced in very limited quantities, this collection is a tribute to the pop art movement. The watches are powered by the L-H01 mechanical caliber by Uhren-Werke-Dresden. Recalling the works of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, the vibrant colors on the face and strap are sure to draw attention to the wearer’s wrist. 





In spring 2020, Leinfelder Uhren München revealed a new model to the public: the Terra 1. 


On the occasion of Leinfelder Uhren München’s tenth anniversary, the Munich-based watch manufacture launched a limited-edition model paying tribute to Mother Earth. The dial of this classic three-hand watch shows a finely crafted globe reminding the wearer of the uniqueness of our planet. At the heart of the new watch sits a mechanical hand-wound caliber crafted in German silver by Uhren-Werke-Dresden.