Together with our exclusive partners, we manufacture premium wristwatches and share our passion for extraordinary timepieces: 



Not far from the town of Glashütte, the cradle of the German watchmaking industry, this small manufacture produces almost every part needed for premium mechanical timepieces. Combining Saxon watchmaking expertise and state-of-the-art machinery to produce fine calibers, handmade watch parts and even entire timepieces, Uhren-Werke-Dresden is able to keep up with the growing global demand for watch parts and movements. 


The Leinfelder Elysium collection is built around the L-H01, Uhren-Werke-Dresden’s first hand-wound caliber. 


For further information, visit www.uhren-werke-dresden.de



The travelling watchmaking seminar from Switzerland


The WATCH ACADEMY, established by Swiss master watchmaker Boris Kuijper, has specialized in watchmaking seminars for individuals, private groups and businesses. Engaging teaching methods and amazing insights make for memorable learning moments. For a few hours, attendees immerse themselves in the magical world of watchmaking, getting a feel for the pulse of time. On this journey of discovery, they get to explore a watchmaker’s authentic work environment with plenty of hands-on activities. 


First, they get a chance to familiarize themselves with the tweezers, loupes and screwdrivers used to manipulate the mechanical movement parts. What is more, they actually get to clean some of the parts and give them a drop of oil. Finally, the attendees test the watch’s accuracy using a ChronoCube. Thanks to its mobile infrastructure, the WATCH ACADAMY is able to host its seminars virtually anywhere in Europe. When in Munich, the Leinfelder Uhren premises are a popular choice for the seminar venue. 


For seminar dates and other information, visit www.wa-watchacademy.ch