WATCH ACADEMY: Watch Seminars at the Leinfelder Uhren München Premises

Good things come in threes—as evidenced once more by the Swiss WATCH ACADEMY hosting three new seminars in Munich.  

On 22 and 23 October 2021, master watchmaker Boris Kuijper and his team will hold watch seminars at the Leinfelder Uhren München showroom, respecting the current hygiene and safety regulations, of course. 


Art of Watchmaking BASIC 

In 3.5 hours, the BASIC course introduces watch aficionados to the world of watchmaking. Attendees will learn all about how mechanical watches and how the tools needed to build them are used. Applying this knowledge, each participant gets the chance to disassemble and reassemble a hand-wound mechanical caliber. “This course already offers deep insights in to the craft of watchmaking. Tweezers and screwdriver in hand, participants engage with this marvel of technology, feeling the pulse of time itself,” says Kuijper.  


Art of Watchmaking ADVANCED 

How does an automatic watch movement with date function work? During the ADVANCED watch seminar, Boris Kuijper answers this very question. During the 4-hour seminar, attendees get a chance to expand their knowledge about mechanical watches, building on what they learned in the previous course and applying it to disassembling and reassembling an automatic mechanical caliber with date function. Learners also familiarize themselves with oiling individual components and setting the watch’s accuracy. In Kuiper's words: “The participants experience the perfection and precision of mechanical movements in the utmost detail.” 


Art of Watchmaking CUSTOM MADE WATCH 

In this seminar, watch enthusiasts get to build their own wristwatch, providing them with an intense sense of pride in their craftsman’s achievement each time they wind their new watch. To ensure each watch is truly one of a kind, the participants can choose from a wide selection of cases, dials, hands and straps in a variety of designs. During the 5-hour course, participants assemble the movement, oil individual components, mount the dial and hands and finally set everything into the case. “The CUSTOM-MADE WATCH seminar is the mother of all seminars and does not require prior knowledge,” says the Swiss master watchmaker.