This year, Leinfelder Uhren München has joined the illustrious ranks of German Design Award winners. An international expert panel has decided to grant the Terra 1 anniversary watch the “Special Mention” award in the “Luxury Goods” category for its exceptional design quality. The Special Mention award is designed to honor consistency in design ideas and their implementations. Depending on the quality of the submitted entries, the panel grants an appropriate number of these awards for innovative design in each category.  


The German Design Award is among the most prestigious design awards worldwide, enjoying high renown far beyond industry circles. Those who come out on top of the fierce competition have successfully proven to be among the best. 


The award is hosted by the German Design Council, a leading player in the international world of communication and knowledge transfer in the design, branding and innovation industries. With its international activities, young talent sponsorships and memberships, the German Design Council is an integral part of the international design community, promoting communication and networking across borders.