Dismantling a watch, discovering its inner workings and re-assembling it again—that’s what the watch seminars by WA – Watch Academy GmbH from Switzerland are all about. Swiss master watchmaker Boris Kuijper has been Leinfelder Uhren München’s partner for many years—and twice each year he hosts a different 2-day watch seminar for German watch aficionados at the Munich workshop. 


The most recent one took place on 9-10 October, giving 12 watch enthusiasts exclusive insights into the world of precision mechanics, respecting the current hygiene and safety regulations, of course. Step by step, learners disassembled the calibers, cleaned individual components, and finally reassembled the movement. “The participants embark on a journey of discovery into a watchmaker’s authentic work environment. They learn to use tweezers and the various delicate screwdrivers to work on a mechanical watch movement,” explains Boris Kuijper.  


Margret Maas is excited about this partnership as well because “with these seminars, we can offer our customers a unique experience. Working on a watch with your own hands. That is an experience no one will ever forget.”