A proven partnership—at the 2018 Munichtime, Leinfelder Uhren München’s trusted partner WATCH ACADEMY from Egnach, Switzerland, once again held a variety of workshops for interested watch lovers. These workshops were designed to familiarize the attendees step by step with the heart of a mechanical watch. 


This year, the BASIC workshop for beginners (manual winding) was complemented by the ADVANCED workshop (automatic movements). During the ADVANCED workshop, learners disassembled the automatic movement with date function, cleaned individual components, and finally reassembled the movement. During reassembly, the wheels’ bearings were also oiled and greased. Compared to the hand-wound movement, the automatic movement is about 2/3 the size and contains almost 50% more components. An exciting challenge for everyone involved. 


The attendees were amazed by the technology involved and the professionalism displayed by master watchmaker Boris Kuijper, founder of the WATCH ACADEMY. During his workshops, Kuijper also showed his learners the latest Leinfelder models, among them the Leinfelder Benno. At the heart of this new watch sits the L-H01, a mechanical hand-wound caliber crafted in German silver by Uhren-Werke-Dresden. With more than 95% of the work done in-house, the movement stands for utmost precision. This three-hander is truly “made in Germany”, with almost every part of the watch and the caliber conceived, designed and manufactured in Germany.