What does a watch movement look like from the inside? What are the tools used by watchmakers? And what are the dos and don’ts when servicing a watch? Master watchmaker Boris Kuijper gave answers to these questions and more during his three-hour watch seminar “Art of Watchmaking BASIC”. 


Twice a year, in spring and again during the Munichtime watch show, the watchmaker from Switzerland holds his WATCH ACADEMY seminars at the Leinfelder Uhren München showroom. In early May, 7 attendees from all over Germany were once again taken on an unforgettable journey into the heart of a mechanical watch. First, they were given a detailed theoretical introduction to the delicate watchmaking tools, their proper handling and the inner workings of a mechanical watch. During the subsequent practical part, they removed parts from the movement one by one, cleaned and oiled them, and finally reassembled the movement. The highlight for every attendee: the moment when the watch starts ticking again. Boris Kuijper also used the setting to introduce the attendees to the elegant Leinfelder Elysium timepieces. What immediately stood out when viewed through a watchmaker’s loupe was the incredible craftsmanship of the precise mechanical movement by Uhren-Werke-Dresden integrated into the Elysium models.