On November 28, 2014, the Swiss WATCH ACADEMY welcomed its attendees at the Leinfelder Uhren München showroom. There, in a setting furnished with contemporary elegance and style, the attending watch lovers gained valuable insights into the fascinating world of mechanical timepieces. 


The WATCH ACADEMY teaches both theoretical facts and practical skills in the craft of watchmaking, letting learners take a detailed look at the inner workings of a mechanical timepiece, watch CEO and master watchmaker Boris Kuijper at work, and disassemble and reassemble watch movements themselves. “Engaging teaching methods and amazing insights make for memorable and breathtaking learning moments”, said Kuijper after concluding the three-hour seminar. 


The Leinfelder showroom provided a suitable setting for this seminar, where attendees could apply their newly acquired knowledge amongst the ornate display cases containing various Leinfelder watches. 

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