Another win for the Dragon Fly Plus: last weekend, captain Frank Brown and his crew won the Southwest Florida Boat of the Year Award. This regatta consists of 32 individual races, but only the 17 best placements enter into the final score. 


After a patchy start at the Marco Island Yacht Club Regatta, the wind turned, and with it the crew’s fortune. Frank Brown and his team won the following races and ended up placing first in a total of 17 races. “With 17 first place finishes, we won the Southwest Florida Boat of the Year Award. That was a first in the history of this regatta series,” says a delighted captain Frank Brown. “Perfect timing was what clinched the win for us!” 


Perfect timing, of course, is easy to achieve for the captain with his Leinfelder Meridian Antigua. Specially designed for use in sailing regattas, this sailing watch includes a flyback functionality, a second sub-dial and a tachymeter scale. Thanks to the long, curved push-pieces, the chronometer is easy to use even in hectic situations like the start of a race.